Non-custodial, high performance order book trading infrastructure for on-chain spot trading, and otc settlement.

Aori builds institutional grade defi applications for on-chain spot trading, and otc settlement. built on the tenets of trustlessness, transparency, mitigated counterparty risk, and capital efficiency.

the Aori protocol enables permissionless trading between any two erc-20 assets.

A signature-based order model allows for gasless order placement and cancellation, the safest order execution in crypto, as your assets remain in your wallet until settlement.

An off-chain order indexer allows for high throughput order placement, cancellation, and matching, bringing high-frequency trading to any chain.

order ui
order ui

A fun gamified implementation of aori. Accumulate $GREEN Tokens, Dump $YELLOW Tokens.
Happy Trading!

Let The games begin

order ui

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